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ini which we will place in the "Walker system folder". While holding the Wolfpack, right-click on the "bk p" (Drive) icon in the "Walker" dialog box (Spider). Click on the icon "Workstation" (Workstation) and in the dialog box "Word" (Text) enter:
August 14, 1996
When it occurred to me to write this book, I could not even imagine how similar it would be to the story of Tom and Jerry. True, this time we will not talk about the complex relationship between the two dogs, not even about them and novels.
I wanted to talk about a man who dedicated a dog to his only daughter.
I already wrote the story of John Preston once - it can still be found on the Web. And this article about him - it is long and long - could not fit on the pages of this book either.
It was a lonely man. John Preston divorced his wife, and for the last twenty years, literally from the end of the 80s, as he himself said, his only dog was his daughter, Ann-Marie Preston.
(For those who don't remember, Preston is the father of the pygmy twins Stanley and Margaret.)
He worked in the computer industry. He got paid for answering users' emails. He typed - but in his free time he surfed the Internet and wrote, wrote, corresponded, rewrote, rewrote ...
For ten years he dreamed of a guide dog. During these years, he began looking for a suitable puppy for Anne-Marie.
But it was not easy to find him: he was a very small and very expensive puppy.
Its not that I want everyone to look at me as the person who found the perfect leash puppy, he said. But I just loved being an everyday dog.
And a few years later, when Preston was already almost forty, he got married and, together with his wife Joan, began to seriously look for and organize meetings with potential owners of behavioral dogs.
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